Diamond Consciousness Retreat

Return home to yourself, activate, remember and understand what you are made of and what you are capable of beyond your fears and doubts.

Are you feeling like you’re not good enough again?

Feeling heavy with doubts and fears?

Breathe. You’re right where you need to be.

You might have been doing the work for some time but now it’s time to go deeper...

You might feel that you're a part of the universal plan but with all of the shifts you've had recently, you're left feeling a little shaky, lost or uncertain in life. 

Maybe you're just exhausted from the journey you've been on and you're looking for a breaaaaaaak.

Hi, we are Clare Deale and Bronte Spicer and we are thrilled to welcome you to the Diamond Consciousness Retreat.

Leading energy workers and intuitive guides, Clare and Bronte have created the most magical four-day immersion for you to return back to the comfort of nature and enter within to gain a deeper understanding of who you really are.

Let us tell you, you’re awesome. 

You’re magnificent! 

You have magical gifts and intuitive powers that have been suppressed for way too long and we are going to show you how to find them.

It’s time for you to know yourself as your own medicine woman ...

who is deeply connected to the wisdom of the earth and can feel free to be seen and heard just as you are.

Mother Earth is calling you. She’s asking you to deepen your communion with her to be nurtured by her and activate your rising for the greater evolution of the cosmos.

The Diamond Consciousness Retreat is a pause from life for you to do the energy work in sacred circle so you can surrender to an open heart with self and others. 

This mini-escape from your day-to-day life will give you the time to deepen your insight and shed the light on what has been hidden so you can feel free in your awakening. 

We are your guides for open-hearted healing and expanding your consciousness beyond what you've known yourself to be.

Held from Friday 4th October until Monday 7th October 2019 at Gymea Eco Retreat and Spa, located in the centre of Australia's Green Cauldron, known as the creative and spiritual heartland of Australia the Diamond Consciousness Retreat will help you see your fears as a gift for growth and that everything that is arising is safe and welcome. 

Steeped in ancient connection with the land, you will remember your roots and return to your medicinal power through internal flow, free expression, integrated activation, restful stillness and sacred space.

Bathe in:

Welcome to Country, Cacao and Elemental Ceremonies

Kundalini Dance and Kirtan

Light Coding and Earth Medicine

Five Pillars of Medicine and Shamanic Cedar Teachings

Sound Bath and Magnesium Spa Healing

Yoga, Meditation and Earth Blessings

Rest and rejuvenate in secluded naturally undulating rainforest

Nourish your body with fresh, locally-sourced vegan meals

Surrender to receive...

- WELCOME TO COUNTRY AND ELEMENTAL CEREMONIES (to slow down and connect deeply with our earth Mother)

- KUNDALINI DANCE (an ecstatic tantric shamanic dance practice to create rich shifts in consciousness)

- SHAMAN TALK 'The Five Pillars of Medicine' (to reveal the natural patterning for medicine and evolution)

- DAILY YOGA AND MEDITATION (to reclaim your sacred nature and connect to the layers beyond the physical)

- CACAO CEREMONY (to integrate your teachings and collectively anchor the prayers, dreams and fruits you’ll be taking out into the world)

- LIGHT CODING AND EARTH MEDICINE (to embed and activate new light for awakening)

- SOUND BATH (to upgrade your cellular coding through ethereal sonic soundscapes)

- KIRTAN (divine chanting for expanded heart connection)

- SPA HEALING (for clearing, healing and rejuvenation)

*Food and accommodation inclusive.

Who are we?

Bronte Spicer

Bronte Spicer


Bronte is an anchored light worker who supports you to surrender the confines of the mind and express your divine nature in life. 

She has been an intuitive guide for over a decade, is an advanced meditation teacher and sacred space holder who loves to show others how self-love looks on a moment-to-moment basis and how to feel free in vulnerability.

Bronte has been interviewed for Australia’s most comprehensive natural therapy magazine, Wellbeing Magazine and was a writer for the Australian Centre for Holistic Studies. She has been a speaker for Bendigo Positive Birthing and Ladies Lounge and is published in ‘More Than a Mum’ by White Light Publishing House.



Clare  Deale

Clare Deale

Intuitive Guide, Seer, Medical Intutitive, Energy Worker and Homeopath.

Clare's abilities in seeing where and how you are blocked are quite profound, the space she holds for you is powerful, sacred and healing. Supporting and guiding people to their awakening and seeing their own infinite light & power is her calling in life. With the combination of her training as an Intuitive Guide and her years of practicing as a homeopath and her natural abilities.

Clare has a deep understanding of individual's energy and physical body and is able to discern and decipher multiple aspects of her clients gaining a clear picture and understanding of the whole individual. This allows a deeply transformative experience that allows big shifts, insights as well as practical everyday advice that helps her clients not only within their work together but long after.

Her goal in life is to provide the space and support for individuals as they remember who they are, with the intention that they go on to live a life that is in flow and alignment with their higher selves.


Meet our circle of specialised facilitators

Honouring the sacred, earth and energy frequencies

You will be guided by a circle of hand-selected facilitators of ancient earth medicine and technology of the new earth.

Lisa Leah Binah, Holistic Guide, Space Holder, Shamanic Bodyworker and Ceremonialist. 

Lisa is a channel for the spirit of the Earth and a doula for truth, power, wisdom and love. 

Born a white woman and raised in apartheid South Africa, a focus of Lisa’s work is to help dissolve separation and build bridges: between life and work, sacred and mundane, logical and intuitive, mind and heart, masculine and feminine, inner and outer. Since she left the Mother City of Cape Town Lisa has spent much of the last 30 years exploring, living, studying and dancing across many lands. Through her journey she understands that the most profound healing, shifts, growth and expansion happen through the body, our true home, and that the Earth offers us deep wisdom and powerful medicine if we listen and open to receive. 

Lisa has been working with the heart-opening plant medicine of sacred cacao since 2013. 

Lila Lieberman, Shaman, Traditional Healer and Seer

Lila has been working with medicinal plants and indigenous ways of healing for twenty years, beginning her journey in the Atacama Desert of Peru. She is initiated as 'sangoma', a traditional healer and seer, in the Shona tradition of South Africa. She has spent much time engaging with plants in a medicinal capacity, learning the optimal ways to gain the friendship of the plants around us. Her academic background is in Anthropology, Linguistics, Philosophy and Transpersonal Psychology, and Diploma in Integral Coaching. She merges the worlds of mind, spirit and body in her practice by engaging ceremony, movement and music as a way to blossom in our capacity. 

Patricia Goncalves, Kundalini Dance Priestess, Munay-ki teacher, Master Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator, Ordained Shamanic Minister.

An agent of transformation who is passionate about assisting people to find their inner shaman so to remember their way back to wholeness and their life’s sacred purpose. Patricia loves to create a sacred container that allow her tribe to feel warm, secure and safe to fully express themselves authentically. Assisting them to awaken parts of self that they never knew existed, through breath work, dance, sound and complete expression of all that has been suppressed, whilst journeying alongside of them.

Seriya Cutbush, Kirtan Facilitator, Healer and Soul Retrieval Therapist

Seriya is certified in Daoist Yin and Sivananda Hatha Yoga and has trained in Kahuna Bodywork and Shamanism for many years. She is a certified Remedial Massage Therapist, Holistic Counsellor, Liquid Crystal Practitioner, Energetic Healer, Soul Retrieval Therapist, Sound Therapist and passionate Kirtan singer (devotional chanting) and instrumentalist. Seriya holds sacred space for her clients and participants with the centred intent to connect, respect, support, nurture and inspire their own Self-growth. She weaves her extensive practical knowledge and deep-rooted experience with humility, spontaneity, compassion and light-heartedness. 

Trish Blythman, Sound Therapist and Quantum Energy Healer

Trish Blythman is a gifted, qualified Sound Therapist, holding Diploma levels as both Practitioner & Professional Group Sound Therapy, through the British Academy of Sound Therapy (BAST), and has 30 years of experience working as an integrative holistic practitioner. Trish also holds a Diploma in Psychosynthesis, Reiki Master, Quantum Energy Healer, Numerologist, Intuitive Soul channeler, Meditation Coach, Workshop facilitator, Workplace Trainer and more. Spiritual enlightenment awoke Trish to her Soul contract for this life, as she received sacred geometries into her consciousness, activating light codes for sounding and speaking in Soul Languages of Light. She now devotes her life to helping as many souls as possible to raise their own frequency, step into their highest calling, and live their highest potential and service.

Emma Waters, Yoga Teacher, Trainer, Coach and Educator

Emma Waters is an experienced yoga teacher and trainer, coach & educator who is passionate about sharing yoga in its fullness as a process of awakening the spiritual flame of the heart. She has practiced yoga for 20 years and teaches public & private classes and workshops via her business Jala Yoga & Coaching, is a guest teacher on the renowned 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training at Krishna Village and facilitates the awakening of women to their responsibility, divinity, purpose and power via her one-on-one coaching offerings.

Paul Burragun, Aboriginal Cultural Educator and Facilitator 

Paul is owner operator of a business that shares Aboriginal culture in schools and early learning centres. He shares such things as art, music, stories and language.

He is a Bundjalung-Yugambeh descendant and was born in Brisbane and now resides at Mudgeeraba Gold Coast and . Paul is an active and contributing member of the Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander communities in the region and is passionate about sharing his knowledge with communities.   

Is your heart saying 'yes'?

We can't wait for you to join us!

The finer details...

Diamond Consciousness Retreat is a drug and alcohol free event. All remaining accommodation is twin-share. Travel to and from this event is not included. We have a strict no refund policy for change of mind. If you are on anti-depressants or have a serious heart condition we'd like to discuss your cacao ceremony experience with you beforehand (email Bronte at brontespicer@gmail.com or Clare at cbdeale@gmail.com to arrange a time).

Find out more and follow us more on Facebook at Clare Deale and Bronte Spicer.

This retreat is for you to walk away with a brand new perception of who you are, to know your magnificence and to feel comfortable filling the room with all of your magic. 


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